Future of healthcare: Data and digital technology


QSmart: a revolutionary remote monitoring system to provide better actionable patient data. One of the world’s smallest implanted medical device provides continuous patient data to cloud-based AI-assisted predictive analytics.

All in real time.

The patient and provider experience is transformed by precise data collection and remote therapeutics that result in highly personalized healthcare.

Better clinical outcomes and reduced costs all because of first-ever continuous data collection.


Tiny, powerful implanted micro-devices collect health information continuously and discreetly, without interrupting a patient’s lifestyle, without needing action by the patient

Secure, Wireless Transmission

Pressure information is sent wirelessly, continuously, securely via QLink to the QCloud, where QSmart software analyzes data instantly

Analysis by QSmart

QSmart collects patient health information transmitted by the sensor via QLink and analyzes it. Data, alerts, and analytics delivered to patient and provider via any output device

* Qura's technology is preclinical and not yet cleared for use.