A Revolutionary Concept

QURA is a preclinical stage company with the mission of dramatically improving the care of patients with chronic diseases through cutting-edge, digital technology. We seek to solve some of the world's largest healthcare problems.


QURA takes a revolutionary approach to managing chronic diseases through tiny implanted microsensors, software, and data.


Our transformational technology delivers continuous patient pressure data that is acquired, analyzed, and transmitted wirelessly, enabling remote therapeutics in real time – a true telemedicine platform.


Data is collected and transmitted automatically, eliminating the major problem of patient compliance.


Our solution generates better clinical outcomes, reduced costs, and enhanced experience for both patients and physicians.


Our flagship markets: Hypertension (HTN) and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).


Groundbreaking Digital Health Company

Data and digital health are the future of healthcare.  For Qura, the future is now.


We are using micro devices, miniaturized on an unprecedented scale, to automate and digitize the process of obtaining and using key data clinicians need to manage patients with chronic disease efficiently and effectively, and for patients to enjoy better lives.


Qura’s team has expertise in medical device engineering (including sensors, wireless technologies, cloud-based medical software development, and medical database technologies), clinical practice, chronic care management, digital health, and commercialization of new technology.


Qura is privately held and located in the Greater Boston area.

qura's leadership

Meet the Team

We help QURA see the world differently and discover healthcare opportunities most people never imagined. We achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

William G. Hendren, MD, MBA
David F. Hendren, JD
Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs
Doug P. Adams
Co-founder and Board Chair